About the Band

In 2008 Jake Book, Autumn Book and friend Jake Moyle started an Irish folk band called The Laterose. In 2009 they recorded their first album "Fades Like the Sun". After that time the band went through many changes in the way of members and finding their style. Jake Moyle left for a time in 2010 and the band was joined by Dakota Cairns, Elizabeth Ridge and Jacob Ridge. The band then went on a brief hiatus and in early 2011 changed their name to the Tenants with Jake Moyle and Dakota Cairns back in the lineup and the addition of Jake Mulvaney. They recorded their second album, and EP called Drive the Snakes, however only three of the memebers played on this album (Jake Book, Autumn Book and Jake Moyle). On St. Patricks Day they played on the Melrose Float in Des Moines Iowa and won "Best Irish Theme". After this the band went back to it's original three piece lineup. In June Jake Moyle decided to part with the band.
Now Jake and Autumn travel the country playing Historic Reenactments, Fairs, Pubs and Coffee Houses.
They are currently preparing an album to be released late this fall or winter.