Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Release

Okay. The Tenants self titled special edition release will include:
-10 tracks of recordings done over the last 4 years. *stars note previously un-released tracks

1. Farewell to Nova Scotia
2. Willie Gannon *
3. Dirty Old Town "live" *
4.Crooked Jack 'live" *
5.Fades like the Sun "early demo" (from first Laterose EP released 2009)
6.Rising of the Moon "early demo" (from first Laterose EP rleased 2009)
7. I will Go (from album "Fades Like the Sun" 2009)
8. Fades like the Sun (Live from Strangebird Recording)
9. Queen of all Argyle (Live from Strangebird Recording)
10. The Tenant Game (from "Drive the Snakes" EP released 2010)

-A six panel booklet PDF of pictures and a note from Jake about the 2010 St. Patrick's day parade.

The album is free for download, but if you would like to make a donation to the band it would be greatly appreciated.

-Jake Book

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