Saturday, December 24, 2011

Playing the Streets of Columbia

We arrived in Columbia Tuesday the 20th and scoped out our first spot to play, in front of a closed bar. The whole feeling of just going out there, playing some tunes to people passing by was a great one. It was just me (Jake) and my friend Matthew Fennewald, a great banjo player from Missouri. After making a few bucks, we headed down the street and warmed up in some of the unique shops in the downtown. Shortly into our day of playing we were met by Shaun, owner of McGinty's Pub there in Columbia. He liked our tunes and booked us for Thursday night! After that we went and grabbed lunch at Little Ceasers (on 5 dollars for a large pizza!). We ate there for the next 2 days at lunch time. Later on Tuesday we were asked to play at a bar called Sideshow that night by Jesse. He was an awesome dude and really helped us out. We are hopefully going back on the 13th Had a decent little crowd who all seemed to enjoy our tunes.

Wednesday 21st

Wednesday was a bit slower. Not to much happening. We were recommended to play down on 9th street and it was good! Lots of folks passing by.

Thursday 22nd

We played through the day but it was significantly colder so we spent much time indoors. We played in a little cookie shop and were given some free cookies! We were also able to play whatever we wanted over the sound system, so we ate our cookies to the beautiful sounds of the Pogues.

At nine we went down to McGinty's Pub and had a great time. Lots of new fans and friends. On the whole it was a really great week and I look forward to doing it again sometime.


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